| E and Daniels

Mystro aka Mysdiggi


Honing his craft since very young, the west London-bred Mystro aka MysDiggi has built a reputation as one of UK’s brightest and inspiringly unique vocal talents, releasing a string of critically acclaimed solo singles and EPs, as well as lending his skills to releases by a who’s who of British heavy weights, including Blak Twang, Rodney P and TY to name a few.

His impressive track record has led to recording and performing with a slew of legendary international artists, from Junior Reid and Dawn Penn through to Wu-Tang Clan and KRS-One as well as participation in some extensive tours around the world, earning him a reputation for his humourous wit and refreshing originality both on-stage, in the studio and on camera.

Also in demand as a Master of Ceremonies, Mystro has been hosting gigs from Dublin to Dubai, earning awards for ‘Best Host’ as his natural charisma and undeniable stage presence proves to be a benchmark for today’s veterans and up and comers alike. He’s toured across Europe, Australia and New Zealand extensively, featured on platinum selling albums world-wide, appears on BBC Breakfast, out of the blue, makes viral rap songs for Blackberry and does a yearly UK Rap Up with ease whilst continuing to be consistent with music releases… not bad for an independant artist.

Mystro is now gearing up to release the deluxe version of his debut LP ‘Mystrogen’ which was met by critical acclaim, from earning ‘Cracker Of The Week’ title via Charlie Sloth on BBC 1Xtra to having an itunes Hip-Hop homepage banner for the release a record 3months, as well as spins from major radio stations across the UK. With features and production from the likes of fLako, Homeboy Sandman, Junior Reid & Show N Prove it only makes sense that a deluxe version (including a full EP & remixes) is released with the proper push it deserves.

Most drugs are mind altering to some extent… ‘Mystrogen’ is no different and if you’ve been blessed enough to hear any previous releases like ‘Music Mystro’, ‘F.D.T. EP’ or ‘Digmund Freud’, you’ll know MysDiggi is not one to hold back on pushing the boundaries both sonically and conceptually.

Everything Mystro has achieved so far has been done without the aid of management or major label backing – an accomplishment in itself. Armed only with his initiative and god given talent, Mystro has bubbled just below the surface for long enough. Now, it’s time to take it above ground for Hip-Hop fans and good music lovers alike. Don’t sleep…