Telecommunication industry finds in Seica a cutting-edge partner in the field of radio frequency on

In addition to the fully general-purpose in-circuit and functional test solutions, suitable to test any type of electronic board, the telecommunication industry finds in Seica a cutting-edge partner in the field of radio frequency on one side and test safety and certification on the other side.

In fact, over the last 10 years, the functional test solutions by Seica have been enriched with the expertise of design and manufacturing of test systems, test fixtures and application programs oriented to GPS, GSM, GPRS, LTE, WI-FI and BLUETOOTH communication protocols, with specific attention to the field of RF shielding in order to prevent interference between the tester and the surrounding environment, or among multiple testers joined in the production and test environments of radio frequency boards.

Today, the Compact Line of functional testers summarizes very well all of the test possibility for radio frequency based products delivered by Seica, providing the user with multiple solutions suitable both for design and production environments, combined with a consultancy service for design to test provided by experts of RF segment.

In the satellite field, where absolute equipment reliability is demanded, Seica has developed non‑invasive test techniques, both from the electrical and the mechanical point of view, specifically for flying probing, that guarantee the integrity of the product under test, although driven with current and voltage and mechanical strain during the test phase, overcoming the limits of the technologies used until a few years ago: The new Pilot 4D line, and the Pilot 4D V8 model specifically, outperform any other product available on the market of satellite electronics in terms of testing capabilities and guarantee of product lifecycle.